Small Factory is a design and animation studio by Ian Joslin.
My curiosity with design and animation began through music. As a musician, I am inspired by the way music and sound is translated into a visual art form such as album covers, videos, or live stage graphics.
Over the course of my professional experience, I went from creating music for commercials to animating and editing commercials. Through this process I became deeply curious as to how design and filmmaking impacts our society and how its power can be utilized for better or for worse. My employment at advertising agencies and various design departments has provided me a wealth of opportunities that have enhanced my depth and breadth of design and animation knowledge and experience.   
I have designed and branded projects that required the power of thoughtful design and animated projects for the purpose of bringing communities together. Currently, I am searching for organizations to put my creative power that focus on communicating liberating ideas and education that empower everyday people to live better lives.
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